Junior Cook Off

Varli Junior Cook-Off

Want to know who the next great chef will be? The Varli Junior Cook-Off has the answer as a number of Junior Chefs will work alongside our Foodies in a race against time to make the most delicious cuisines on Sunday, April 12.
Restaurateur Rohini Dey, Chef KN Vinod, Chef Abdul Yaseen and Restaurateur Vishal Bakshi will judge the exciting competition!
Rohini Dey
Owner Vermilion NYC & Chicago
Chef KN Vinod
Indique, DC
Chef Abdul Yaseen
Vishal Bakshi
Chand Palace catering, Banquets & fine dining
Participating Kids
More Contestants to be added soon
Aarav Raj

Diya Singh

Diya means "light", and when this young girl sees Indian food on the table, her whole face lights up! A Chicken Tikka Masala fan, avid Roti roller, and super fast learner, Diya can't wait to test out her cooking skills with a foodie. Always putting her persistent nature to good use, she also loves music, crafts, and singing.
Kabir Hinduja

The word Kabir means " The Great" In Turkish language. Kabir is a great player at the field and excellent singer. Indian food means a lot to him as he loves Chicken Tikka . Kabir is super excited to be part of this show.
Kris Chaudhary

Kris is vegetarian. He loves indian food . Loves to play Baseball. He is fast learner! . Loves to learn something new. He likes arts, music and games.
Sonia Virmani

Sonia Virmani, is from Hicksville, New York. She loves playing with her older sister, Donna, and her dog, Ally. Her hobbies include painting, dancing, and singing. Sonia has won many academic awards, in addition to winning the New York Little Princess pageant. She also won the Spirit of Pageantry Award with her outgoing, funny, and kind personality.
Vivaan Kotian

Extremely fond of watching cooking shows on TV. Vivaan is ever ready to assist and experiment in the kitchen. Loves the movie: Planes. Enthusiastic sketcher, budding pianist. Favorite Indian Dish, Fish fry!
Roni Mazumdar

Restaurateur, The Masalawala
Live Junior Cook off MC

Ishaan Jagiasi

Live Junior Cook-Off MC
Varli Junior Cook-Off 2013 Winner
Each Child assisting a Foodie
Anil R. Jagiasi
President/CEO Criterium-Jagiasi Engineers
Kajol Bishnoi
Founder/CEO, I-events USA
Rahul Walia
Founder/CEO, Tochdown Media
Raj Bhatt
Shilpa Maniar
Engineer turned Actress/Journalist
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