Junior Cook Off

Varli Junior Cook-Off
"Supported by Jewel Of India"

Want to know who the next great chef will be? The Varli Junior Cook-Off has the answer as Diya Singh, Ishaan Jagiasi, Vrishank Khanna, Naischa M.Puri and Sonia Virmani will work alongside our Celebrity Chefs in a race against time to make the most delicious cuisines on Sunday, April 14.

Chef Jehangir Mehta and Prasad Chirnomula will judge the exciting competition!
Ishaan Jagiasi

Ishaan Jagiasi defines the word "multi-talented". Having won awards for a range of activities including pageants, math, chess, basketball, music, and Pokemon, he's ready to put his culinary skills to the test. Ishaan believes it's important to eat right at an early age and he sees cooking as a big step towards being healthy.
Diya Singh

Diya means "light", and when this young girl sees Indian food on the table, her whole face lights up! A Chicken Tikka Masala fan, avid Roti roller, and super fast learner, Diya can't wait to test out her cooking skills with a famous chef. Always putting her persistent nature to good use, she also loves music, crafts, and Tae Kwondo.
Vrishank Khanna

Vrishank Khanna, or "Aadi" as his friends and family call him, has a love of video games, superheroes, the color blue, and chicken wings!

Aadi has a positive, upbeat attitude and can't wait to put his love of food to good use in the Junior Cook Off.
Naischa M. Puri

Naischa M. Puri is an ardent fan of the Food Network and dreams of having her own show one day. She loves trying all types of different foods and is a big help to mom in the kitchen. Her other interests, include Western and Indian music, as well as playing classical piano. She is also actively training in ballet, modern and Kathak dance forms, turning her into a graceful dancer and a junior choreographer. She is a playful, fun loving girl, who loves to read books of various genres and is curious to explore new topics.
Sonia Virmani

Sonia Virmani, 7, is from Hicksville, New York. She loves playing with her older sister, Donna, and her dog, Ally. Her hobbies include painting, dancing, and singing. Sonia has won many academic awards, in addition to winning the New York Little Princess pageant. She also won the Spirit of Pageantry Award with her outgoing, funny, and kind personality. Her favorite meal is seasoned rice with succulent chicken, and her favorite color is blue. Sonia balances having fun while staying focused in school so she can one day pursue her dream career as a cardiologist.
Each child assisting a Celebrity Chef
Chef Charles Disanayake
One World One Kitchen
Chef Dhandu Ram
Tulsi, NYC
Chef Harsh Patel
Mausam, NJ
Chef Michael Chu
Chef Shravan Shetty
Urban Spice, NJ
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