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WHAT: An Indian Food Tasting for all ages
WHEN: 4 pm to 9 pm - Sunday, September 10, 2017
WHERE: Martinsville Gardens, 1801 Washington Vally Road, Martinsville NJ 08836
TICKETS: $45 per adult / Kids free (limit 2 per adult)
Restaurant Tasting Booths

The main draw of the Varli Kids Food Festival is the unique opportunity for guests of all ages to sample dishes from a wide variety of Indian restaurants across the region. There will be over 30 different restaurants and caterers, each with their own stall and each passing out samples, or tastes of some of their best dishes.

This is a great chance for restaurants to showcase their signature creations and introduce their cuisine to potential patrons. The tasting booth setup is also a significant draw for guests who are interested in tasting different types of Indian food and being educated about the wide variety of Indian cuisine. Restaurants will also have the opportunity to pass out coupons and special dining offers to festival guests.

Varli Junior Cook-Off

Want to know who the next great chef will be? The Varli Junior Cook-Off has the answer as kids will work alongside our Celebrity Chefs in a race against time to make the most delicious cuisines.

Non-Food Activities

The Varli Food Festival for Kids has a little something for everyone as we have many fun activities outside of food, such as coloring, painting, dancing, and much more.

Red Carpet Interviews

In the VARLI world, chefs and restaurateurs are the celebrities and superstars, so prestige will be bestowed to them through a red carpet event during the festival.

Experience VarliWare Kitchen Appliances and Products

Great Indian cuisine requires not just the perfect ingredients but also the perfect tools. Varliware is a design and distribution company of Certified Kitchen appliances and equipment which aims to make every chef’s life easier.

Varli Kids Food Festival 2015 will make every effort to keep the program as per the above description but does not hold any responsibility due to any last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

  Cooking Demos by Celebrity Chefs

World famous chefs will demonstrate their skills in creating their signature dishes right in front of the guests and display the unique art of Indian cooking. A select number of restaurants will also feature various kinds of food demonstrations.

The Varli Spice Market Giveaway

We want you to experience the wonderful world of Indian spices and snacks, so we’re giving you a complimentary gift bag that’s completely customizable. Visit the Spice Market Counter and fill your bag at absolutely no cost!. It’s our gift for all food lovers and one more way of saying Thank You for attending.

Celebrity Chef Photo Booth

Here’s your chance to snag a picture with your favorite celebrity chef! Each chef will be available for 15 minutes at the Celebrity Chef Photo Booth and will be posing for pictures with festival guests. And best of all…it’s free! So smile and let our professionals capture a photo that lets you re-live the moment long after you leave the event.

Attending Chefs

Apart from the celebrity chefs participating in this event, a large number of acclaimed chefs from the region will be attending. This is a great opportunity to meet the wonderful chefs and cooks of your favorite restaurants.

Gift Bags

As a thank you from the team at Varli, each and every festival attendee will receive a gift bag which will include a wide variety of products and free gift certificates $300.00 value.

Varli Food Festival 2017 will make every effort to keep the program as per the above description but does not hold
any responsibility due to any last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances.
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